23 April 2010

Mobil Polisi Indonesia vs Luar Negeri

Berikut adalah perbandingan mobil-mobil polisi antara Indonesia dan Luar negeri
1. Mobil polisi Jerman: Lamborgini Galardo, max 320 km/jam
2. Mobil polisi Jepang: Nissan Skyline GT, max 280 km/jam
3. Mobil polisi Perancis: Peugeot Sport GT
4. Mobil polisi Spanyol: Audi TT, max 280 km/jam
 5. Mobil polisi Inggris: Corvette
 6. Ini dia mobil Indonesia

20 April 2010

Bayi Ngomong Kiamat

18 April 2010

Pudarnya Pesona Cleopatra

 Pudarnya Pesona Cleopatra                                                            

9 April 2010

Dapatkan Dolar Gratis dari Internet

Apakah Anda pernah membayangkan pendapatan Anda dalam 1 hari bisa mencapai ratusan dolar? mungkin? maka Anda dapat mendaftarkan diri Anda pada link di bawah. dapatkan $0.03 per clik dan $3 untuk orang yang berhasil anda ajak.bergabunglah segera bersama kami. lebih detail klik gambar di bawah

Eearn Money from Web

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8 April 2010

iPhone OS 4.0

Apple is set to give the public a sneak peek at all the new features packed into iPhone OS 4.0 on Thursday morning starting at 10 a.m. Pacific. This preview of the next iteration of the iPhone OS follows on the heels of Apple's iPad launch, and as such speculation for this Apple launch is relatively low compared to the guessing games that surrounded last year's iPhone OS 3.0 preview. Nevertheless, there are still some pertinent questions that need to be answered by Apple on Thursday about the future of the iPhone OS. So after looking at all the rumors about coming features, and wishlists to improve the iPhone's functionality, I've assembled this list of 10 pressing questions I'm hoping to get answered by Jobs and co. on Thursday. What kind of multitasking?
The most prominent rumor about iPhone OS 4.0 is that it will introduce multitasking for third-party apps. Apple may no longer be able to leave third-party multitasking off the iPhone since competing platforms, like Google's Android, feature this functionality. But what kind of third-party multitasking would the iPhone get? Will it allow multiple apps to be open at once? If so, how many? Will it include background processes for things like instant messaging? If so, what kind of controls will users have to kill those background processes if they are eating up battery life or slowing down device performance?
More detail visit PC WORLD

5 April 2010

Korean love story

I have a boyfriend who grew up with me.His name is Jin.I always thought of him as a friend until last year, when wewent to a trip from a club. I found that I fell in love with him.Before that trip was over, I took a step and confessed mylove for him.And soon, we became a pair of lovers, but we loved eachother in different ways.I always concentrated on him only, but by his side, therewere so many other girls.To me, he was the only one, but to him, maybe I was justanother girl…"Jin, do you want to go watch a movie?" I asked."I can't""Why? You need to study at home?" I felt disappointmentgrabbing me."No… I am going to meet a friend…"He was always like that.He met girls in front of me, like it was nothing.To him, I was just a girlfriend.The word 'love' only came out from my mouth.Since I knew him, I had never heard him say 'I love you'before.To us, there weren't any anniversaries at all.He didn't say anything from the first day and it continuedtill 100 days…200days…Everyday, before we say goodbye, he would just hand me adoll, everyday, without fail. I don't know why…Then one day…Me: Um, Jin, I …Jin: What…don't drag, just say..Me: I love you.Jin: ……you….um, just take this doll and go home.That was how he ignored my 'three words' and handed me the doll.Then he disappeared, like he was running away.The dolls I received from him everyday, filled my room,one by one. There were many…Then one day came, my 15th year old birthday.When I got up in the morning, I pictured a party with him,and stranded myself in my room, waiting for his call.But… lunch passed, dinner passed… and soon the sky wasdark… he still didn't call...........It was already tiring to look at the phone anymore.Then around 2am in the morning, he suddenly called meand woke me from my sleep. He told me to come out of thehouse. Still, I felt joy and I ran out happily.Me: Jin…Jin: Here…take this…Again, he handed me a little doll.Me: What's this?Jin: I didn't give it to you yesterday, so I am giving itto you now. I'm going home now, bye.Me: Wait, wait! Do you know what today is?Jin: Today? Huh?I felt so sad, I thought he would remember my birthday.He turned around and walked away like nothing hadhappen.Then I shouted…"Wait…"Jin: You have something to say?Me: Tell me, tell me you love me…Jin: What?!Me: Tell meI put my pathetic self behind and clung on to him.But he just said simple cold words and left."I don't want to say…that I love someone so easily, if youare desperate to hear it, then find someone else."That was what he said. Then he ran off.My legs felt numb…and I collapsed to the ground. Hedidn't want to say it easily…How could he….I felt that…Maybe he is not the right guy for me…After that day, I stranded myself at home crying, just crying.He didn't call me, although I was waiting.He just continued handing me a little doll every morningoutside my house.That's how those dolls piled up in my room… everydayAfter a month, I got myself together and went to school.But what made the pain resurface was that… I saw him ona street…with another girl…He had a smile on his face, one that he never showedme…as he touched the doll…I ran straight back home and looked at the dolls in myroom, and tears fell…Why did he gave these to me…Those dolls are probably picked out by some other girls…In a fit of anger, I threw the dolls around.Then suddenly, the phone rang. It was him.He told me to come out to the bus stop outside my house.I tried to calm myself down and walked to the bus stop.I kept reminding myself that I am going to forget him,that… it's going to end.Then he came into my sight, holding a big doll.Jin: Jo, I thought you were pissed, you really came?I couldn't help hating him, acting like nothing had happenand joking around.Soon, he held out the doll as usual…Me: I don't need it.Jin: What….why…I grabbed the doll from his hands and threw it on the road.Me: I don't need this doll, I don't need it anymore!! I don'twant to see a person like you again!I spitted out all the words that were inside me. But unlikeother days, his eyes very shaking."I'm sorry" He apologized in a tiny voice.He then walked over to the road to pick up the doll…Me: You stupid! Why are you picking up the doll?! Justthrow it away!!!But he ignored me and just went to pick the doll.Then…Honk~ Honk~With a loud honk, a big truck was heading towards him."Jin! Move! Move away!" I shouted…But he didn't hear me, he squatted down and picked up thedoll."Jin, move!"HONK~!!"Boom!" That sound, so terrifying.That's how he went away from me.That's how he went away without even opening his eyes tosay one word to me.After that day, I had to go through everyday with guiltinessand the sadness of losing him…And after spending two months like a crazy person…I took out the dolls.Those were the only gifts he left me since the day westarted going out.I remembered the days I spent with him and started tocount the days… when we were in love…"One…two… three…"That was how… I started to count the dolls…"Four hundred and eighty four… four hundred and eightyfive…"It all ended with 485 dolls.I then started to cry again, with a doll in my arms.I hugged it tightly, then suddenly…"I love you~, I love you~"I dropped the dolls,shocked."I….lo..ve…you??"I picked up the dolls and pressed its stomach."I love you~ I love you~"It can't be!I pressed all the dolls' stomach as it piled on the side."I love you~""I love you~""I love you~"Those words came out non-stop.I…love you…Why didn't I realize that…...........That his heart was always by my side, protecting me.Why didn't I realize that he love me this much…I took out the doll under the bed and pressed it's stomach,that was the last doll, the one that fell on the road.It had his blood stain on it.The voice came out, the on that I was missing so much…"Jo…Do you know what today is? We've been loving eachother for 486 days. Do you know what 486 is? I couldn'tsay I love you…. Um… since I was too shy… If youforgive me and take this doll, I will say that I love you…everyday… till I die… Jo… I love you…"The tears came flowing out of me........... Why? Why? I askedgod, why do I only know about all this now?He can't be by my side, but he loved me until his lastminute…For that… and for that reason… to me… it becamecourage… to live a beautiful life….It's better to lose your pride with someone you love rather thanlose someone that you love with your useless pride !

Please Don't Cry

Kenapa kita menutup mata ketika kita tidur ? Kenapa kita menutup mata ketika kita menangis ? Kenapa kita menutup mata ketika kita membayangkan sesuatu ? Kenapa kita menutup mata ketika kita berciuman ? Hal hal yang terindah di dunia ini biasanya tidak terlihat
Ada hal hal yang tidak ingin kita lepaskan dan ada orang orang yang tidak ingin kita tinggalkan Tapi ingatlah, melepaskan bukan berarti akhir dari dunia melainkan awal dari kehidupan yang baru
Kebahagiaan ada untuk mereka yang menangis Kebahagiaan ada untuk mereka yang telah tersakiti Kebahagiaan ada untuk mereka yang telah mencari dan telah mencoba Karena merekalah yang bisa menghargai Betapa pentingnya orang yang telah menyentuh kehidupan mereka
Cinta adalah ketika kamu menitikkan air mata, tetapi masih peduli terhadapnya Cinta adalah ketika dia tidak mempedulikanmu, kamu masih menunggunya dengan setia Cinta adalah ketika dia mulai mencintai orang lain dan kamu masih bisa tersenyum sambil berkata , " Aku turut berbahagia untukmu "
Apabila cintamu tidak berhasil, bebaskanlah dirimu Biarkanlah hatimu kembali melebarkan sayapnya dan terbang ke alam bebas lagi Ingatlah, kamu mungkin menemukan cinta dan kehilangannya.. Tetapi saat cinta itu dimatikan, kamu tidak perlu mati bersamanya..
Orang yang terkuat bukanlah orang yang selalu menang dalam segala hal Tetapi mereka yang tetap tegar ketika mereka jatuh Entah bagaimana, dalam perjalanan kehidupanmu, Kamu akan belajar tentang dirimu sendiri dan suatu saat kamu akan menyadari Bahwa penyesalan tidak seharusnya ada di dalam hidupmu Hanyalah penghargaan abadi atas pilihan pilihan kehidupan yang telah kau buat Yang seharusnya ada di dalam hidupmu
Sahabat sejati akan mengerti ketika kamu berkata, " Aku lupa " Sahabat sejati akan tetap setia menunggu ketika kamu berkata, " Tunggu sebentar " Sahabat sejati hatinya akan tetap tinggal, terikat kepadamu ketika kamu berkata, " Tinggalkan aku sendiri " Saat kamu berkata untuk meninggalkannya, Mungkin dia akan pergi meninggalkanmu sesaat, Memberimu waktu untuk menenangkan dirimu sendiri,Tetapi pada saat saat itu, hatinya tidak akan pernah meninggalkanmu Dan sewaktu dia jauh darimu, dia akan selalu mendoakanmu dengan air mata
Lebih berbahaya mencucurkan air mata di dalam hati daripada air mata yang keluar dari mata kitaAir mata yang keluar dari mata kita dapat dihapus, Sementara air mata yang tersembunyi, Akan menggoreskan luka di dalam hatimu yang bekasnya tidak akan pernah hilang
Walaupun dalam urusan cinta, kita sangat jarang menang, Tetapi ketika cinta itu tulus... meskipun mungkin kelihatannya kamu kalah, Tetapi sebenarnya kamu menang karena kamu dapat berbahagia sewaktu kamu dapat mencintai seseorang Lebih dari kamu mencintai diri kamu sendiri...
Akan tiba saatnya dimana kamu harus berhenti mencintai seseorang Bukan karena orang itu berhenti mencintai kita Atau karena ia tidak mempedulikan kita Melainkan saat kita menyadari bahwa orang itu Akan lebih berbahagia apabila kita melepasnya
Tetapi apabila kamu benar benar mencintai seseorang, Jangan dengan mudah kita melepaskannya Berjuanglah demi cintamu... Fight for your dream ! Itulah cinta yang sejati.. Bukannya seperti prinsip " Easy come.. Easy go... "
Lebih baik menunggu orang yang benar benar kamu inginkan Daripada berjalan bersama orang " yang tersedia " Lebih baik menunggu orang yang kamu cintai Daripada orang yang berada di " sekelilingmu " Lebih baik menunggu orang yang tepat Karena hidup ini terlalu berharga dan terlalu singkat Untuk dibuang dengan hanya " seseorang " Atau untuk dibuang dengan orang yang tidak tepat
Kadang kala, orang yang kamu cintai adalah orang yang paling menyakiti hatimu Dan kadang kala teman yang membawamu di dalam pelukannya Dan menangis bersamamu adalah cinta yang tidak kamu sadari Ucapan yang keluar dari mulut seseorang Dapat membangun orang lain, tetapi dapat juga menjatuhkannya Bila bukan diucapkan pada orang, waktu, dan tempat yang benar Ini jelas bukan sesuatu yang bijaksanaUcapan yang keluar dari mulut seseorang Dapat berupa kebenaran ataupun kebohongan untuk menutupi isi hati Kita dapat mengatakan apa saja dengan mulut kita Tetapi isi hati kita yang sebenarnya tidak akan dapat dipungkiri

Apabila kamu hendak mengatakan sesuatu.. Tataplah matamu di cermin dan lihatlah kepada matamu Dari situ akan terpancar seluruh isi hatimu Dan kebenaran akan dapat dilihat dari sana
Oleh: Monica Suryana

2 April 2010

Lenka - Trouble is a Friend (video)

Lenka (born Lenka Kripac) is an Australian singer and songwriter, known for her song "The Show" from her album Lenka, which was in advertisements, including Old Navy. Previously known in Australia as an actress, she has appeared in Australian television serials and feature films

Cara Menampilkan Video dari Youtube di Blog

Siapa yang tak kenal Youtube. Sebuah situs dengan fasilitas video yang bisa di tonton gratis tanpa di pungut biaya. Dengan berisi video ribuan bahkan jutatan, kita bisa mencari video-video favoritkita dengan mudah. Bila kita ingin menambahkan video dari youtube ke blog kita, ikuti langkah-langkah berikut
1. buka www.youtube.com
2. cari video yang ingin kita masukkan ke blog
    misalnya disini kita ambil contoh videonya "Lenka-Troble is a Friend"

3. pada bagian bawah video, klik tombol embed
maka akan muncul kode script,
4.  Copy script tersebut
 5. sekarang login pada www.blogger.com -> klik tab Entri Baru ->paste-kan kode script yang kita copy ke dalam text area
6. setalah kode di taruh di dalam text area, klik terbitkan entri.
7. video sudah terpasang di blog kita..
Selamat Mencoba....


Blender 3D adalah software gratis yang bisa anda gunakan untuk modeling, texuring, lighting, animasi dan video post processing 3 dimensi. Blender 3D yang merupakan software gratis dan open source ini merupakan open source 3D paling populer di dunia. Fitur Blender 3D tidak kalah dengan software 3D berharga mahal seperti 3D studio max, maya maupun XSI.
Dengan Blender 3D anda bisa membuat objek 3D animasi, media 3D interaktif, model dan bentuk 3D profesional, membuat objek game dan masih banyak lagi kreasi 3D lainnya.
Blender 3D memberikan fitur – fitur utama sebagai berikut :
1. interface yang user friendly dan tertata rapi.
2. tool untuk membuat objek 3D yang lengkap meliputi modeling, UV mapping, texturing, rigging, skinning, animasi, particle dan simulasi lainnya, scripting, rendering, compositing, post production dan game creation.
3. Cross Platform, dengan uniform GUI dan mendukung semua platform. Blender 3D bisa anda gunakan untuk semua versi windows, Linux, OS X, FreeBSD, Irix, Sun dan sistem operasi yang lainnya.
4. Kualitas arsitektur 3D yang berkualitas tinggi dan bisa dikerjakan dengan lebih cepat dan efisien.
5. Dukungan yang aktif melalui forum dan komunitas
6. File Berukuran kecil
7. dan tentu saja gratis 
Intenet Club sebagai salah satu UKM di Universitas Unisbank Semarang mengadakan workshop dan pelatiha animation 3D dengan aplikasi Belnder. Bagi temen-temen yang ingin mengembangkan keahlian animasi 3D atau ingin mendalami animasi 3D dengan aplikasi 3D, ikut saja dalam acara Workshop “3D ANIMATION WITH BLENDER”.
Buruan pada gabung, ini pertama kali di Semarang lho..